What is bulk search?

Bulk search allows you to upload a CSV with up to 1,000 search queries at once.

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Bulk search allows you to conduct People Also Ask research at scale, uploading up to 1,000 questions at once in a CSV and getting a zip download containing all of the related questions.

How to do a bulk search

1) Prepare a CSV which lists all of the search queries you wish to get results for.

2) Click on the "upload CSV" link on the right of the search box on either the Homepage or your Dashboard

Mouse cursor over "upload CSV" to do a bulk upload on AlsoAsked

3) Select your CSV from the file menu and click "Open", the name of your CSV should now appear in your search box. Click "Search" on the right of the search box to start the bulk search.

Screenshot showing a CSV filename uploaded to AlsoAsked to do a bulk search, ready to click on the search button.

4) As soon as you click "Search" you will see a new listing in your search history called "Bulk request" which will say "Pending", as the file is being processed. Note: you will need search credits equal to or greater than the number of terms in your CSV or you will receive an error.

AlsoAsked search history showing a bulk CSV is pending search as the file is processed.

5) The status will change to "In progress" as searches are being conducted. Depending on how many search terms you have added to the CSV, this process can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours.

6) When the search is complete, the "Cached" status will change to the original upload time and you will see a "Download CSV" button appear. Click this button to download the zip file of the CSVs.

A completed AlsoAsked bulk search showing the Download CSV button

7) Open the zip file to find the CSVs containing your results!

A totally legit

What happens if there are no results for some of the queries?

AlsoAsked 'reserves' the maximum amount of search credits to conduct the bulk search, if some searches have no results these credits are refunded back to you.

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