AlsoAsked runs on a credit system, with each search costing 1 credit.

If you see the error message "You do not have enough credits remaining to perform this search", it means either:

1) You are trying to do a regular search, but have 0 search credits

2) You are trying to do a deep search, but have fewer than 4 search credits

3) You are trying to do a bulk search, but have fewer search credits than entries in your CSV file.

Any guest to AlsoAsked that is not logged in currently gets 3 free search credits which are reset every month.

Users paying for accounts can receive 100, 300 or 1,000 searches per month, which are valid for 30 days and do not carry over.

You can see how many credits you currently have left by looking in the top bar.

If this number is 0, then you need to either wait until your credits are reset or upgrade your account.

If you believe there is an error with how many credits you have, please contact us.

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