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After performing a search on AlsoAsked, if you have a Lite or Pro account, you can click on the "CSV" icon in the top right corner to download a CSV of the results including:

  • The questions generated from your root query

  • A copy of the answer Google provides for each question

  • The ranking URL

  • The page title of the ranking URL

  • Encoded intent data between these questions

AlsoAsked results page highlighting the CSV download icon.

Clicking on this icon will give you a spreadsheet that looks like this:

Results will be under these columns:

Question: This is the PAA question that appears.

Answer: This is any text that Google shows in the PAA box for the related question.

URL: The ranking URL for the question

Page title: The page title attribute of the ranking URL

Tier [x] position: The encoded position in the graph, this image shows how these are encoded:

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