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Why am I getting "No results" on my search?
Why am I getting "No results" on my search?

Because Google returns no PAA results for this search term

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If you receive the error message "No results"

AlsoAsked no results error message

This means that AlsoAsked has not found any "People Also Ask" results in Google for your search term.

For instance, the search branded mugs currently in Google, does not return a People Also Ask result:

Example Google SERP with no PAA box

Therefore this means, searching for this term would give you "No results".

This is not an error and you will not be charged as search credit when no results are returned.

If you can conduct a Google search and you see People Also Results, but are getting a "No results" error, then please check that your region and language settings match your Google settings.

If you believe it is a genuine error (you can see results in a manual Google search and AlsoAsked returns no results) then please screenshot the Google result, and contact us with the search term you were using.

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